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"Cancer took my breath away.Yoga gave it back" - Tari Prinster


Whether you are a long time cancer survivor or currently in treatment, this yoga class focuses on making you feel more grounded and comfortable in your changing or changed body, through the use of postures that safely stretch, strengthen, and relax the body.

A small class size ensures plenty of personal attention and guidance on suitable variations.

The class is also open to those caring for a family member or a friend.

"Is Yoga for Cancer suitable for me?"

You need to be reasonably mobile and move independently. Have all surgical incisions healed and feel that your needs can be addressed in a group setting.

One-to-one sessions can be organised if you don't met the above criteria

- Please email me via the link below.


Benefits of Yoga for Cancer

● Decreased stress and pain, and increased well-being
● Improved quality and quantity of sleep
● Restored strength and range of motion, improved lymphatic flow
● Enhanced energy, digestion, joint health, circulation, respiration, and endocrine function
● Camaraderie with other (wonderful) yogi-survivors
● Soothe anxiety, increased sense of groundedness
● Be more comfortable in your body, mind, and spirit when you have been diagnosed with cancer

To join a class please email via the link below for a health questionnaire.

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