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I am Lorna May. I began practicing yoga 25 years ago and it has been my safe haven through a very turbulent time.
I lost my parents when I was young and have always wanted to live life to the full and not let hardships define me.


This lust for life propelled me up the corporate ladder, took me around the world and left me with chronic fatigue.
I had managed to ignore my trauma with numbing activities. I was living a life as a human doing, not as a human being. I was doing all these things but was never fully present.

I made some hard choices and left the corporate world, took some time out and decided to do what I love. Yoga.
I trained as a teacher in Rishikesh, India. I moved from London to a slower pace life in North Devon.
It’s not been an easy journey, but a much needed one. I am facing my trauma through yoga and talk therapy.
I have gained a box of tools to help me navigate this crazy world and I am now ready to share them.


My journey with Yoga has taught me that an advanced practice is learning to do less not more

I strongly believe that trauma causes tension in the body. Yoga allows us to get in touch with unexpressed emotions and impulses, and we can move those through our body without judgement. By staying connected to our breath or our sense of grounding, we can keep from getting overwhelmed. Yoga, for me, isn’t about achieving a certain posture, it’s about how you feel in that posture. Having awareness of your body, your mind and your breath.   


  • 500HR Hatha & Vinyasa teacher training with Path of Yoga

  • Heart of Yoga Immersion with Mark Whitwell

  • Yoga for Cancer Training with Vicky Fox

  • Yoga for Children aged 3-18 with Rainbow 

  • Yoga for Self Regulation & Trauma with Off the Mat

  • Yoga for Purpose & Action 

  • The Science of Wellbeing with Yale University 

  • Yoga Therapist with DRU Yoga 2024*

  • Large scale corporate and fun events experience 

  • Many a lesson from the school of LIFE

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